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Got any questions?

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive and their answers, all gathered in one place.

Playermaker was designed for football players at all levels that want to track, monitor, compare, share and benchmark their performance metrics to improve their game over time. The device is suitable for players of all ages and playing levels, from kids to adults. The exact technology is used by professional players all over the world.

For now, our focus is football only. The PlayerMaker product is designed to provide football teams with the most powerful solution and the best experience. The underlying capabilities of the technology that allows us to track the biomechanics of the lower limbs could be applied to multiple different sports in the future.

We are humbled to let you know that Playermaker technology is being used across the globe, by players of all ages and playing levels. Playermaker is being used in many top European Premier League teams and academies, such as Leicester City, Manchester City, Liverpool, and Bodø/Glimt. We’re also proud partners with the Rangers, Hull City, and Fulham FC.

Our technology has been accepted into FIFA’s New Innovation programme as the first foot-mounted wearable device. Acceptance into the programme provides a future pathway for the technology to be integrated and accessible to all FIFA teams as part of the FIFA Quality Programme for EPTS (Electronic Performance Tracking Systems).

The # 1 recommended way to wear your Playermaker straps is with either boots or artificial turf shoes. The Playermaker design compliments cleats best when used on grass or artificial turf surfaces. You can wear your Playermaker kit with artificial turf shoes when playing on any of the following surfaces: artificial turf, gym floor, concrete, or grass.

The Playermaker sensors are protected by a durable silicone strap and are designed and built specifically for the roughest and toughest playing conditions. We rarely come across durability issues, despite players competing at every level, from amateur to elite.

Yes, the sensors have been tested to withstand all weather conditions and elements.

Playermaker measures many more data points and therefore produces a more detailed analysis than GPS products. PlayerMaker includes Distance Driven Data which allows biomechanical analysis and gait tracking of players. Technical and tactical data are also produced for every training session and every match. All of the KPIs you can get from a GPS tool, PlayerMaker can also provide. GPS relies on satellites, products measure the center of mass and the position of the product on a player’s back. PlayerMaker sensors are fixed to a boot and work equally well indoors or outdoors.

PlayerMaker Data strictly adheres to all GDPR regulations. The data is highly confidential for all clubs and users of the system. All data are stored on private servers, meaning the data is secured at all times. Please see our legal page for more information.

No, data cannot be utilized live, however, the data are available roughly 2-5 minutes after a session has finished. There are no time-consuming processes such as lengthy downloads in order to upload the data.

No, the system has been designed for easy use, regardless of who the user is. Different levels of complexity and analysis can be unlocked, depending on a team’s requirements. To get the best out of PlayerMaker you need a leader to take ownership of the system. We offer a full onboarding and training process to make sure clubs can make the most of PlayerMaker and maximize player performance.

All Subscription plans are automatically renewed until they are canceled, paused, or changed to a different plan. Your billing cycle corresponds to the day of the month in which you initially purchased your subscription plan. In order to pause the automatic renewal, please contact support, at least 24 hours before your next billing cycle.

Monthly plan:

Each month you will be billed automatically, according to your billing cycle.

Commit to a minimum of 6 months. At the end of the 6 months, you will not be required to commit to an additional 6 months. You will continue to be billed monthly. Your first monthly payment will be withdrawn from your account the same day you purchase your plan.  There is no option to pay for your 6 months upfront.

Playermaker’s Annual and 24-month plans:

The payment is upfront.  The full upfront payment will be withdrawn from your account the same day you purchased your plan.

There is a full warranty on the hardware of the device and charging case, as long as your subscription is active. You can read the full details of the warranty policy in the terms and conditions link in the footer.

When you place your order, your Playermaker kit will be delivered within 5 business days.

If you are not completely satisfied with your Playermaker sensors, you are entitled to return your Playermaker sensors and receive a refund within 30 days from the time that the device was delivered. You can read the full details of the return policy in the link in the footer. Accept returns after 30 days and in good condition.

How to use Playermaker

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