How to get scouted for football – our top tips

If you’re passionate about football and want to make a career of it, catching a scout’s eye is your route into the sport. But how to get scouted for football? You’ll need to impress a scout with your performance and ability in the field – but it’s also about being in the right place at […]

How to become a football coach

Being a football coach comes with a certain level of prestige that few get to enjoy. Only passionate and dedicated people make it in this field. As a coach, you get the fantastic opportunity to watch your players grow from one level to another. Now, isn’t that a wonderful contribution? As a professional coach, your […]

GPS Vests vs. Football Tracker

Traditionally, a football match analysis relied heavily on watching pre-recorded videos. But today, technology has become prevalent in all areas, including football. You can now get an in-depth analysis of a football match using tracking systems. Tracking systems, such as GPS vests and football fitness trackers can collect more information than a video recording. But […]

How to improve your weak foot in football

Just as you have a dominant and non-dominant hand, you also have a dominant and a weak foot. In football, having one foot that performs better makes the player predictable.  A weak foot just means that your gameplay is better when you use one foot instead of the other. As a football player, you can […]

15 Great Football Gifts For 2022

15 Great Football Gifts For 2022 Many football players and football fans live and breathe the game, on and off the pitch. This comprehensive guide will help you to find perfect gifts for both girls and boys who like football, players, coaches, kids and adults. From goalie gloves to massage guns, phone cases to cufflinks, […]

How to Improve Stamina for Football

Good stamina build-up in football can help improve your endurance. It also gives you the strength to fine-tune your skills. With good stamina for football, you can keep going, even when the game gets intense. When you live, breathe and practice football, these exercises to improve stamina will help you improve your football skills. Below […]